Edited journal issues


Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza (guest editors). Special issue of Synthese on "Defeaters in current epistemology". (Contributors: Carla Bagnoli, Berit Brogaard, Adam Carter, Albert Casullo, Kathrin Gluer-Pagin, Peter Graham, Kevin McCain, Matthew McGrath, Nikolaj Pedersen, Tommaso Piazza, Duncan Pritchard and Matthias Steup.)


Moretti, Luca and Nikolaj Pedersen (guest editors). Special issue of Synthese on "Epistemic Transmission and Interaction", vol. 190(13), September. (Contributors:  Jens Christian Bjerring, Rogier DeLanghe, Nikolaj Pedersen and Jesper Kallestrup, Erik Olsson and Aron Vallinder, Luca Moretti and Tommaso Piazza, and Tomoji Shogenji.)


Moretti, Luca and Huw Price (guest editors). Special issue of Philosophical Studies on "Ontological Commitment", vol. 141(1), October. (Contributors: Berit Brogaard, Mark Colyvan, Uriah Kriegel, Michael Michaelis, Luca Moretti, Jonathan Schaffer, and Amie Thomasson.)

Articles in refereed journals


Moretti, Luca. “Phenomenal conservatism and the problem of reflective awareness”. Forthcoming in American Philosophical Quarterly.

Moretti, Luca and Tomoji Shogenji. "Skepticism and epistemic closure: two Bayesian accounts". International Journal for the Study of Skepticism 7(1): 1-25.


Moretti, Luca. “Evidence of expert’s evidence is evidence”. Episteme 13(2): 209-218.


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Moretti, Luca. “Sul problema della convergenza della verità nel realismo interno” (“On the problem of

truth convergence in internal realism”). Iride, n.31, anno XIII, dicembre, pp. 595-617.


Moretti, Luca. “Is auxiliary empirical support efficacious against the underdetermination of scientific theories?” Philosophical Writings 12 (Autumn), pp. 53-65.

Contributions to volumes


Moretti, Luca. "Problems of Wright's entitlement theory". Forthcoming in P. Graham and N. Pedersen (eds.), Epistemic Entitlement. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Moretti, Luca. "On creeping minimalism and the nature of minimal entities", in H. Dyke (ed.), From Truth to Reality, London: Routledge, pp. 123-180.

Non-refereed papers


Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza. "Epistemic defeat: the current state of debate" (introduction to the special issue). Forthcoming in Synthese.


Moretti, Luca and Nikolaj Pedersen. "Epistemic transmission and interaction" (introduction to the special issue). Synthese 190(13), pp. 2477-2479.


Moretti, Luca and Huw Price. "Introduction" (special issue on Ontological Commitment). Philosophical Studies 141(1), pp. 1-5.

Encyclopedia entries and review papers


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Book reviews


Moretti, Luca. “Ted Poston, Reason and Explanation: A Defense of Explanatory Coherentism. UK: Palgrave Macmillan (2014)”. Philosophical Quarterly 67(266), pp. 204-206.



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Moretti, Luca. "Patrick Greenough and Duncan Pritchard (eds.), Williamson on Knowledge, Oxford: OUP (2009)". Mind 121(484), pp. 1069-1073.

Edited magazine issues


Moretti, Luca (guest editor). Special issue of The Reasoner (10(11)) dedicated to the Eidyn Centre of the University of Edinburgh.

Editorials, interviews and conference reports


Moretti, Luca. 'Editorial'. The Reasoner 10(11): 87.

Moretti, Luca. "Interview with Duncan Pritchard". The Reasoner 10(11): 87-89.

Moretti, Luca. "Editorial". The Reasoner 10(5): 36.

Moretti, Luca. "Interview with Francesco Berto". The Reasoner 10(5): 36-38.



Moretti, Luca. "Editorial". The Reasoner 8(8), pp. 85-86


Moretti, Luca. "Interview with Berit Brogaard". The Reasoner 8(8), pp. 86-87.

Moretti, Luca. "Interview with Richard Dawid". The Reasoner 8(8), pp. 87-89.



Moretti, Luca. "New perspectives on external world scepticism. 9-10 July". The Reasoner 7(8), pp. 99-100.

Papers under review

Marabini, Alessia and Luca Moretti. “Ebert on Boghossian’s template and transmission failure”.

Marabini, Alessia and Luca Moretti. “Assessing concept possession as an explicit and social practice”.

Work in progress

Moretti, Luca. “Inferential seemings and the problem of reflective awareness”.

Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza. “Mediate proper ground and doxastic justification” (invited paper).

Marabini, Alessia and Luca Moretti. “What is to count as ratiocination in assessing rational choice in school tests?”.

Carter, Adam, Moretti, Luca and Tommaso Piazza. “Is there an internalist notion of knowledge?”

Marabini, Alessia and Luca Moretti. “Epistemic analyticity” (monograph).